Common features for work & play

Performance & Entertainment

Moving conference center

Top/Down firing Speaker: Implement 4 high quality speakers on top/bottom side, providing clear and higher quality audio.

720P/1080P Web Camera: Combine high quality Web Cam with 2 digital array microphone to correctly receive the voice in front of the screen. AEC* solution will decrease unnecessary echo and noise to allow you have good conference call all the time.

Single/Multiple Conference Mode: Use F4 key to quick switch from different conference mode. Microphone will also automatically adjust to Activate Noise Cancellation(ANC) to optimize audio reception.

  • Single Mode: Limit and optimize the reception of microphone under 45 degree. You can have a short meeting with the client even in a noisy environment.
  • Multiple Mode: Microphone accepts the voice from 180 degree, optimizing the voice for meetings with a lot of attendants.

* Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Common features for work & play

All Day Power For Outside Work & Play

Long battery Life: SE14 can provide up to 13-hour battery life for normal web browsing, email, and documentation even if you are out of office to work all day long. On long-distance flight, you can watch your favorite movies for the whole journey.

Quick charging: Quick charging technology can charge up 70% of the battery power in an hour. It allows you to go for to go for an external ad-hoc meeting.

* Data on battery life is obtained from tests deploying internal tools by engineers. The actual battery performances could vary from battery life tests shown above, due to differences in operating environment and conditions.

User experience

Delightful User Experience

Ergonomics for Work Comfort

Natural Ergonomics Tilt: With the screen opened(can be done by single hand), the body tilts up to form a natural slant angle with your tabletop. The stress to palm and wrist is greatly reduced while typing, providing comfortable and delightful user experience.

More Airflow, Better Performance: SE14 will be lifted slightly because of the tilted body. It not only increase the airflow but also decreases the body temperature for better performance.

User experience

Backlit Keyboard with spill resistance

Convenient typing experience in a dimly-lit conference room or aircraft cabin. The backlit keyboard makes it easier for users to see the keycaps, offering a comfortable input experience that is not limited by the surrounding light environment. Water spill resistance keyboard brings you worry-free experience when working.

* In the event of a water spillage, users should wipe away the water, before bringing the laptop to a VAIO service center for inspection or repair.
* The anti-spill feature is only available on the keyboard and is not applicable on water damage to other parts of the laptop.


Uncompromised Performance

Seamless Connectivity

Connection options are very comprehensive, including two USB Type-C™ ports, two USB type A 3.1 ports and a HDMI port. Most ports are on the left side of the device, which can avoid your right hand being jammed by the cables from different devices such a mouse or an external HDD.

More Airflow, Better Performance

By a more compact and quieter fan with 53 split-design blades, which offers 10%~15% more airflow, together with the tilted body, body temperature of SE14 can be decreased to reach better performance.

Equipped with new processor

The VAIO® SE14 combines work and entertainment functions with a comprehensive range of specifications aimed at the mainstream price arena, making it suitable for a well-rounded variety of tasks and user groups. The VAIO® SE14 is equipped with an 8th generation Intel® Core™ processor and a 14-inch full HD IPS screen with ultra-narrow screen bezel design.


Built to be Secured

One Touch Quick Login

Besides the dedicated design and functionality, SE14 also focuses on protecting personal privacy, and comes with a built-in fingerprint reader and TPM 2.0 chip to provide hardware-based security functions which prevent malicious access to private data. The fingerprint reader thwarts biometric hacking with anti-spoofing technology, and does not disclose login authentication when the user signs in. The user can also choose an IR Camera option that supports Windows Hello, enabling quick login with one touch (or a smile) in front of the camera.

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* Azumino Finish and all Quality control Tests are applicable to VAIO S11, VAIO S13, VAIO A12 and VAIO SX14 only.