A new generation of 2-in-1

A combination of a clamshell laptop and a tablet is what most computer users expect from a 2-in-1

However, most 2-in-1 devices on the market have been far from perfect.
Now, VAIO breaks through the limit and brings you the ideal "all-round computer" that you have always dreamt of.

Forms that fit all scenarios

When functionality meets style

VAIO A12 features a touch screen and a detachable keyboard, making it possible to transform to fit the user’s habits and usage.

Smart designs such as the VAIO® Stabilizer Flap, reverse hinge and natural slanting angle keyboard exemplify VAIO’s DNA. Through the meticulous design of various components and eliminating redundant parts, the perfect 2-in-1 device is born.

Forms that fit every scenario

4 unique versatile modes courtesy of detachable components

With the touch screen and the removable keyboard, VAIO A12 can function as a traditional laptop (① laptop mode) or as a tablet (② tablet mode) with the keyboard base removed.

In addition, the device can be converted into ③ view mode when the screen is flipped backward with the keyboard attached, best for streaming content and videos. Flipping the screen back to back with the keyboard during view mode converts the device to ④ folding view mode, where it can be used as a tablet even without the need for removing the keyboard.

①Laptop mode

②Tablet mode

③View mode

④Folding view mode

※The input/output ports on the keyboard and the backup power supply can only be used in ① laptop mode.
※ When equipped with a wireless keyboard, both the keyboard and tablet can be operated normally in modes ③.

VAIO® Stabilizer Flap that combines portability, stability and style

The hinge of VAIO A12 connecting the screen and the keyboard adopts a specially designed VAIO® Stabilizer Flap mechanism. The Flap opens under the hinge as the screen opens and effectively stabilizes the device. This solves the problem where most traditional 2-in-1 devices either have restricted viewing angles due to the poor balance between the screen and the keyboard, or have a heavy bottom to compensate the weight of the screen.

2-in-1 computers on the market

Kick stand at the back of the screen

Inserting screen on a dock

Screen attached through a giant hinge

Other than providing stability and portability, VAIO® Stabilizer Flap has no visible screw holes, preserving the overall aesthetics.

Dual Release Switch to detach the screen any time

By incorporating two release switches on both the inside and outside of the device, the screen can be detached with ease whether it is closed or not. Besides, we care about how smoothly the keyboard base snaps on and off the screen. Magnets hidden inside the hinge are carefully designed to give the perfect amount of force so the screen can be detached from the keyboard with a single touch.

Stay true to VAIO's Smart Design

A 2-in-1 that functions and feels like a true laptop

Accommodating ground-breaking designs like the VAIO® Stabilizer Flap mechanism, VAIO A12 has the appearance of a regular clamshell laptop. Graced with stylish designs like VAIO’s iconic natural slanting angle keyboard and VAIO S11’s well-beloved aluminum alloy palm rest, VAIO A12 offers practicality without compromising its aesthetics.

Make work easier

The ideal work style

The VAIO A12 allows you to embrace a brand-new work style by supporting multiple modes and a wide range of functionalities that make you work more comfortably and efficiently. The stylus pen provides the natural feel of a pen-on-paper experience so you can achieve more than you could with a regular pen.

More comfortable to use

Lightweight tablet

The ultra-lightweight detachable screen weighs only 623g, far lighter than other 12-inch tablets. It is only 7.4mm thick, making it easy to be popped into a briefcase and carry around with no hassle.

* Weights vary depending on configuration and manufacturing variability.

Intuitive touch operation and a stylus pen that provides a pen-on-paper feel

The 12.5-inch touch screen supports intuitive touch actions such as swiping, zooming in and zooming out. Operating through the screen is a breeze.

You can also turn your device into a digital notebook with the stylus developed by Wacom. The pen has 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity, giving you a natural pen-like drawing experience.

Besides, a layer of special optical resin fills the air gap between the LCD and glass panel to minimize light refraction. Improved visibility enhances accurate cursor positioning so you can write and draw with high precision.

Ultimate portability

VAIO 12 is a 2-in-1 device that functions as a laptop with uncompromised portability, typing experience and connectivity.

Ultra-light and versatile tablet mode

When separated from the keyboard base, the screen weights about 623g and is only 7.4mm thick - as thin as a regular document. The lightweight design makes every business trip a breeze.

* Weights vary depending on configuration and manufacturing variability.

Make the most with screen sharing

Get the job done by sharing information on the screen with your business partners and presenting your ideas with the stylus and many other accessories.

Heart of a smart home

Search for your favorite recipes, browse news feeds, and even make video calls with your family.

Go beyond existing standards

Strive for perfection

Conventional 2-in-1 computers often fall short of offering the most basic functions of a clamshell laptop.

VAIO® Stabilizer Flap mechanism overcomes the long-standing problem of 2-in-1 devices.

By providing users with a hassle-free experience, VAIO A12 boosts work efficiency and helps users to unleash their potential.

Handy device that you can bring anywhere effortlessly

Screen with keyboard attached weights only around 1.1 kg

VAIO A12 outcompetes ordinary laptops in weight at only 1.115kg even when the keyboard is attached, granting supreme portability.

* Weights vary depending on configuration and manufacturing variability.

Thoughtful design

Silent keyboard that prevents distraction

Made with highly durable material, each keycap of VAIO A12 is precision-engineered on the keyboard for greater comfort while minimizing annoying typing noises at the same time. A quieter keyboard means you and the people around you can work without distraction.

Structurally, 2-in-1 does not overheat around the palm wrist rest and at the bottom, meaning you can stay cool and comfortable even after a long day of work with the device put on your lap.

The surface of each keycap is coated with specially developed high abrasion resistance UV coating that keeps the keys durable and clean. The fluoride in the coating also mitigate smudge and keep the keyboard good as new even after prolonged usage.

Typing in a dimly-lit conference room or aircraft cabin is made easy with the backlit keyboard*.

Silky smooth touchpad

Smooth as a smartphone screen, the high-precision, noise-free touchpad features the left and right physical buttons so you don’t have to worry about pressing the wrong buttons by mistake.

Correspond to Windows 10’s touchpad gestures where you can perform scroll, zoom in/out, go to the previous/next page and other actions with ease.

“Infinite palm rest” that offers maximum comfort

The natural slanting angle mechanism acts like a support that raises the keyboard to an optimum angle to give maximum comfort. It feels as if the palm rest extended along the keyboard. This ergonomic design greatly reduces the stress on your palms and wrists and lets you work more efficiently.

Compact but serves all your needs

Our ports mean business

New ports and connectors for computers emerge constantly. But when it comes to business settings, VGA (analog RGB output) is still the most common connector among conference room projectors.

The VAIO A12 meets real-world needs and is compatible with both the old and the new standards. On the side of the screen is a USB Type-C™ port while the keyboard houses an HDMI port *1, a VGA connector*2, a LAN port, three USB ports, an SD card slot and many more, providing all necessary connections. In addition, HDMI/VGA and USB Type-C™ (video interface)*3 can work at the same time and output content on three different screens simultaneously together with the tablet screen.

*1 The maximum output resolution is 1920 × 1200 / 60Hz. Cannot be used with VGA at the same time.
*2 The maximum output resolution is 1920×1080. Cannot be used with HDMI at the same time.
*3 The maximum output resolution is 4096 × 2160 / 30Hz or 3840 × 2160 / 60Hz.

The new USB Type-C™ port allows the screen to connect to various peripherals and accessories through a cable and transmit data while charging simultaneously. The port is placed on the side of the screen so connectivity isn’t hindered even if the screen is used as a standalone tablet without the keyboard.

Premium speakers and microphone

With the quality speakers on both sides of the screen, VAIO A12 delivers stereo sound that makes any audios and videos more realistic than ever. The built-in dual microphone filters out noises and receives only the speaker's voice during video conferences or calls. Moreover, the dual microphone adopts the beamforming technology and can reflect the voice direction clearly, ensuring the sound delivered is crystal-clear even in a noisy environment.

Capture documents instantly with high-quality rear camera

Models with a rear camera like VAIO A12 are equipped with a high-resolution CMOS sensor on the back of the screen, making it easy to capture information on a whiteboard or paper and store it in the device.

Latest ultra-fast Wi-Fi ensures speedy multiple connections

Support the fast and stable 5GHz Wi-Fi, the latest IEEE802.11ac Wi-Fi that is able to transmit data at high speed, as well as "MU-MIMO" that maintains high transmission speed even multiple people are connected to the network simultaneously.

Exceptional security to prevent malicious intent

Fingerprint and face recognition biometric authentication

The VAIO A12 supports the two biometric login options enforced by Windows Hello. You can log in almost instantly by placing your finger on the fingerprint sensor, or through face authentication that automatically recognizes your face with the built-in camera (Fingerprint recognition can also wake the PC from sleep mode*). By eliminating the cumbersome password input, biometric authentication fortifies the security of your PC and minimizes the risk of exposing your password or being hacked by spyware.

* The function is turned off by default and can be activated via “VAIO Control Center".

Robust chassis to protect valuable information

Durability that passes stringent quality tests

To keep up with the durability that the brand has known for, VAIO goes the extra mile to make sure even the detachable parts live up to everyone’s expectation. The screen uses AGC’s DragontrailTM Pro tempered glass, and the hinge – a part that requires the highest level of durability – is made of high-endurance connecting units that are jointly developed by various Japanese manufacturers. A suite of quality tests reflecting actual usage scenarios are carried out to ensure each computer sent to the market has the highest structural strength.

The corners of the bezel are made slightly thicker to provide extra protection of the glass.
Contact issues are avoided with a self-cleaning mechanism that swipes away dust every time the screen is snapped on and off.

※Quality tests are carried out in a specific environments based on VAIO’s regulations. The product’s quality tests do not guarantee that it is free from any damage or malfunction, nor do they guarantee the safety of the data in the SSD.
*1 The water-resistant test is limited to splashes on the surface of the keyboard and does not consider water seeping through air vents and ports. In the event of a splash, visit the nearest VAIO designated repair center immediately for examination or repair.

Exceptional performance that never disappoints

More power-efficient with the 8th generation Intel®Core™ processor

Featuring the 8th generation Intel® Core™ processor, VAIO A12 delivers higher performance and power efficiency in a lightweight aluminum-stainless steel alloy chassis that effectively disperses heat generated by the CPU. VAIO’s unique efficient cooling system eliminates the need for a fan. Because the PC never overheats and no fan is needed, it eliminates unnecessary noise as well as redundant parts all together for a more reliable device.

Support large capacity 16 GB memory

The device supports memory of up to 16 GB, suitable for users who need constant multitasking or handle multiple high-resolution images or videos.

High-definition screen with extended viewing angle

Brighter and wider
High contrast IPS LCD display

Featuring a 12.5-inch LCD screen with full HD display (1920×1080 resolution) and adopting the IPS LCD technology, VAIO A12 provides images of higher brightness and contrast with a wider viewing angle. The glass panel adheres to the LCD with optical resin that brings out the best on the screen by showing the images of their highest quality.

Made in Japan – A quality assurance

VAIO A12 that is made in Japan

Starting from the assembly work, VAIO A12 is a model entirely manufactured at VAIO’s headquarters in Azumino, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. To ensure the highest quality possible, crucial parts like the aluminum alloy palm rest and components that require high precision during assembly such as the touchpad and keyboard are all carefully processed by the factories in the country.

Every device is scrutinized to meet the standard of “Azumino Finish”

All VAIO personal computers are manufactured by the technicians at in VAIO’s headquarters in Azumino, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Each VAIO computer has to pass 50 quality control tests before it can be delivered to the hands of customers. We named this particular set of procedures the “Azumino Finish”, which is the definition of how we pursue perfection at VAIO.

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